Written by: JustDiya


Cardi B dropped more than money for the visual of her highly anticipated single ‘Money,’ that dropped today (Dec. 21) at 2pm.

The Bronx native returned to the place that started it all…the strip club in her latest video. The confident rapper embraces her sexiness as she comfortably showcases her talents on the pole. In the video, Cardi B displays the multiple roles and personalities she’s played in life that contributed to her success today; a former dancer, a performer and now a mother.

In one scene, she is decked out in an over sized black flapper hat, dripping with jewels as she showers the Cardi performing onstage with some major cash. In the next scene, Cardi is in a glass case in a museum where people watch her on display. Cardi then gives us a glimpse of juggling it all as a new found mother, breast feeding a baby.

It’s clear Cardi is about her MONEY. Check out the video above.