The chart shattering record-breaking Bronx phenom simply will not let her foot off of our necks and you better believe us when we tell you WE LIKE IT LIKE THAT!


CARDI B’s performance at the AMA’s proved to literally be jaw dropping. With all of the vibrant colors, feisty dancers and Latina flare sprinkled all over the stage.


The performance starts off with a cameo of a live band and then straight to an overhead birds eye view of Cardi as she begins to perform her chart topping single “I Like it “ and from there it was complete bliss. Of course J Balvin and Bad Bunny came and perfectly complimented the performance as they executed the smash record.

We can’t wait to see what Cardi B does next because from what we can see, its nothing but up from here.


If you haven’t watched Cardi B’s AMA Performance already, go watch it now.

Written by: Hood Spice

Instagram: @Hood_Spice