Written by: @ayo_sash

Cardi B finally releases the long anticipated single “Press”. A few months ago we were teased with a snippet on Instagram, and since then many have been waiting for this release. The song was released at midnight on Friday (May 31st), and it’s already received more than 8 million views on her official YouTube channel.

In the song Cardi openly talks about why she does not need any press. Every now and then the Grammy Award winning rapper creates a record that reminds us how successful she has been. On a first listen, the two-minute track might imply  that she is calling out the news media.

 “Press, press, press Cardi don’t need more press”  

The usage of the word “pressed” versus “press” is key to get some insight on what this Bronx emcee wants people to understand. “Pressed” in this context references the state of someone feeling pressured or bothered. The pressure to have a specific image, or act a certain way.

Since Cardi’s album “Invasion of Privacy” was release last year, she has been very open on how everyone including her fans, the media, and other celebrities have tried to pressure her to be someone she is not. Cardi continuously promotes self love and she is known to encourage people to be the best version of themselves. So asking her to be anything other than that wouldn’t sit right with her. 

Cardi shares a few images ahead of the anticipated track release. Finally, she revealed the photos for her cover art, and it included a photo of her handcuffed and naked as she walks past the paparrazzi and police, which all happen to be men. 

Take a listen to the hot new Cardi track here!