Cardi B wants to name her Sophomore Album ‘Tiger Woods’

Cardi B took to Instagram Live to talk about her album and its potential name. It’s looking like a strong possibility that Cardi is leaning toward naming her sophomore album after the legendary golfer, Tiger Woods.

We know Cardi has been working on her new music and we know her plans for the next year BUT it’s safe to say we are getting closer to a release with this video on IG.

Sure there is a whole world out there who knows Tigers stats and follows his career. Who knew Cardi is one of those people. We could sit her and try to explain her reasoning but it’s probably better if you hear it from Cardi herself.


“And I think I’m gonna name my album Tiger Woods. I’m gonna name my album, I think, Tiger Woods because remember when everybody was talking shit on Tiger Woods — like ‘oooh blah blah this’ and ‘oooh blah blah that’ — and then he fucking came and won that green jacket? That’s what I’m gonna name my album.”

The name might not be as random as we thought at first. Maybe this is the start of her masterful artistry at work. If this album touches the level Invasion of Privacy touched, then we are all for the name.

IF she goes through with this plan and names her sophomore album ‘Tiger woods’, cool. We only have one question; which one will be more popular?

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