Cardi B is not here for the BS.

Cardi recently took to social media to let the haters know that she works very hard for hers and will not tolerate disrespect. Apparently a lot of men were criticizing Cardi for gaining success through being a stripper.  And while landing a role on reality TV’s Love & Hip Hop: NY, Cardi also got herself a multi-million dollar deal with a record company since.

We has recently been reported that she has been nominated for a BET Award, and the talk started ringing in. Cardi took to social media to say this, “A lot of y’all men, I be getting a lot of backlash and fucked up backlash,” she said in the video. “And it be from y’all niggas especially, because I used to be a stripper. OK, I used to be a stripper. I needed a job that’s going feed me. Your fucking favorite rapper used to fucking work in places like McDonald’s, my nigga.”

Cardi went on to say, “At least everything I rap about is real life shit. I’ve always been a static-y bitch, and I’ve always been a bitch that got it poppin’. Your favorite rapper is not like that. Your favorite rapper is not a gangsta. Your favorite rapper raps about selling drugs that he never even touched before.”

The awards Cardi is being nominated for are: Best New Artist and Best Female Hip-Hop Artist. She took to Twitter to show her appreciation for even being nominated which is an awesome feat, if you ask me. She tweeted, “I don’t even care if I win these awards .The fact that I got nominated makes me feel like a super winner .Thank you guys!”


Well, they say haters are our biggest motivators, so keep it moving Cardi. So proud of every accomplishment Cardi has touched so far! Shout out to her!