If you haven’t been keeping up with the rising star Chad B, you should definitely broaden your horizons as the young mogul is next to blow. Shortly after dropping a dope visual for one of my favorites “Court Side”; which is getting some great feedback, Chad B is back with a vengeance for his new heartfelt track entitled “Miss My Dawgs”.

This time around, none other than the number one Stunna himself; Birdman accompanies Chad along with FatboySSE.

In this visual Chad B takes us on a tour through the star life, you know the Rolls Royce’s, beautiful women and exotic scenery, all while reminding us of the hardships that comes with the fame. This visual shows Chad B’s versatility and slick way to adjust to this tempo. “Damn I miss my dawgs how could I forget em? Lost em to the streets, lost em to the prison..” was the perfect way for him reflect on all the friends he lost. Stream “Miss My Dawgs” below.