Chance The Rapper’s generosity these past few months is unsurpassed.

Chance went from donating $1 Million Dollars to Chicago Public Schools, to later having an Internship Opportunities For His Fans, and now having yet another funding but this time for Arts & Literature in Chicago schools.  To piggyback, Trump recently proposed a federal budget that will defund the National Endowment for the Arts; and with Chance now taking this matter into his own hands he will provide funding that will fulfill that void.

It is evident that Chance The Rapper is all about investing in the education of urban schooling. During a press conference, held at the Paul Robeson High School, he stated that, “As an artist and an after school teacher, I know the arts are essential,” he stated, “To ensure that more students have more access, I am excited to announce the creation of the New Chance Arts and Literacy Fund. The fund will bring arts program and materials to schools that have experienced a decrease in five-year graduation rates, experienced budget cuts and lack of text books, and are without music or arts programs.”

If the funding isn’t quite enough, Chance also created a platform in which his supporter can donate and help out on his Social Works website.

We need more people like Chance in the industry investing in the education of the youth. Wouldn’t you agree?

We have to come into realization that the children are our future, as with every generation that is the case.  Shame on folks like Trump who clearly have it twisted, but I guess when you are born rich, education really doesn’t matter – although it should either way.