The crowd croons, “Ooh ooh”, as the beat introduces the platinum “Mask Off” track.

Then, Chance The Rapper jumps in with the hook- “Mask off/Fu** it/Mask off” according to All Hip Hop.

Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper

The Chicago-bred Chance The Rapper then proceeds to ride the beat as only he can with bars such as:

“I need every brick and I need it half off/Damn I come through and I take the mask off/ Every time I ride through/Niggas get soft/Niggas actin’ crazy/But they don’t want it in person/When I do T.V./It don’t be alotta cursin’/I’m tryna’ get yo’ Mama and yo’ Grandma to fu** wit’ me/Luckily she told me the whole team fu** wit’ her… And I know that this for 4′ them/And this for my bro’ them/Every time I come through you know I gotta go ham/Like I was a chemist ma’am…Everybody know that I am made off when I made off wit’ it all that cash I paid off…”- Chance The Rapper via All Hip Hop.


He recently performed the freestyle in the Columbus Children’s Theatre in Ohio. He posted to his Instagram two days ago, May 16th, with the footage. The caption reading: “Drunk Mask Off”.

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