Chance The Rapper is not new to showing his hometown all kinds of love.

Over the years, Chance has not only become known for his record-breaking conscious music, but also his ways of giving back within his hometown community. Earlier this year, Chance bought out theaters so fans could witness Get Out according to Mashable & BET. Then, not even a month later, the NY Times even shared that Chance had donated $1 million to Chi-town’s public schools. Now, Chance wants to make sure people go see Marshall. The events this movie are based in were first apart of our history. Further, the film industry has previously been challenged as lacking diversity. Though, this particular issue may not be directly portrayed within the new movie; essentially, it’s especially wonderful to see these distinct experiences depicted on movie screens and promoted.

Chance footed the bill and the fans couldn’t hold their appreciation either.

To top it all off, there was also a Q&A involved.

However, the Marshall cast only appeared to answer questions with a select few of the attendees.

Chance The Rapper was also just announced on Friday, October 13th, to host the “first-ever” Obama Summit.

Lastly, though, Marshall also already has an 86% audience score since its release on opening night, October 13th. It is now being featured in theaters across the country. Since we all know the ticket on a movie these days- go all in and get snacks too, then come back and tell RAPFEST what you thought in the comments.