1) First things first, you have to understand that there are absolutely no rules. If anyone tells you that there’s “a way” to make music, what they are actually saying is that’s what worked for them. 


2) Have a notes section, and write down as many one liners as you can that you hear/create in your head all day. These lines may end up being the opening bar to your song, inspiration, or the title to the song. Again, there are no limits (Shout out to Master P!) 


3) Watch a great movie! I don’t know about you but I get super inspired by a great movie. When I walk out of a 007 movie I feel cooler than a polar bear’s toenails. Look for inspiration in different places. 

4) Don’t be afraid to bring in other great writers/artist that you respect and most importantly have great energy. Most of your favorite records were done with the minds of multiple people, bouncing ideas off of one another. (See Kanye’s Life of Pablo) 


5) Once the process starts, make sure both artist, producer, and engineer are all aligned in the “mood” of the song. The greatest songs make you feel something. Whether it was H.E.R making you look funny at your significant other, 2pac making you want to revolt, or Bryson Tiller making you send that “hey stranger” text to your ex. A mood is essential. 


Music Industry Plug Dominic King has always had a heart and ear for music. As early as the age of 6 he was known for singing any and every where from family road trips to Saturday morning cleaning sessions, music has always been a part of King’s life. 

Like many greats before him, King began singing in the church.  He cites some of his inspirations as Michael JacksonTimbalandSean “Diddy” Combs, and Quincy Jones—to name a few. 

But before all, he names his mother, grandparents, and Father, Air Force veteran, and former high school teacher. As per his upbringing, King is no stranger to hard work and determination. 

Making him highly committed to his brand and craft. He notably uses his own experience as a vocalist and musician to inform his work in production and management.

As King is also part owner of Zen Media Studio in Downtown LA, he is continually developing content and working with talent. 

King’s purpose is to create great music and content and to connect great artists to other great artists.  Ultimately, King plans to serve as the head of a record label and to continue fulfilling his purpose on a larger and more impactful scale. 

King lives by the phrase, “Be yourself unapologetically.”  This, along with luck and talent, is his formula to success! 

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