Up and coming rapper Chello is making major moves and is set to release his newest project titled Big Queens on December 14. Chello is from a city of broken dreams and hearts of steel, South Jamaica Queens where you have to get it off the strength of your hustle and talent, nothing is handed to you.

Queens Rapper Chello Is coming into the game committed to his grind and working hard at all costs. In a recent interview with The Blueroom Podcast, Chello says, “It’s about the work you put in, all that other shit is excuses to me, me personally no matter how long it takes. If you want it that bad, it’s going to happen.”

Chello’s music gives us vibes of New York street life. Rugged, Real, and Raw. I had the pleasure of listening to a preview of his up and coming project, Big Queens and it does not disappoint. Big ups to Chello for betting on himself. He says he is done with hustling in the streets and is now ready to pursue his music full time.

“I plan to make a million off the mixtape, came a long way from making sure the grams on the brick straight.” Big Queens 

Be on the lookout for Chello’s new project, Big Queens releasing 12/14/18

Written By- CharnaDanielle