“It’s easy to be distracted & misled, but that was never the case for me.”

Chicago rapper and FOX television series Empire‘s former cast member Big IL talks his newest project Fearless and taking on ‘fat-boy love scenes’ with the Rapfest.

Big IL, born Alex Thompson played alongside Lucious Lyon himself on Empire a few seasons back as jailmate Jammer, locked up in the chain gang, looking for his big break with the fictional music king.  Big IL shared with us his big break as he auditioned for Lee Daniels before attaining the role.

Doing what he does best and of the most passion, the well-rounded Big IL explained that although acting is cool and certainly has a place in his goal of getting those checks, music is always the focus as music is what actually landed him the job.  But as for some other acting roles in the future, while being open and already in motion for Hollywood, he is hoping to be on his Denzel, or better yet, a ‘fatboy love scene’.

Music, however, Big IL is right in motion to be where he wants to be.  With Fearless out already, the 12-track project speaks of ‘fearing no man but God‘, believing in self, and not being detoured.

“Put it in and let it play,” says Big IL, “you might learn something” he added, as he spoke about what tracks to go to at first introduction of the release.  And, watch all that salt intake with favored track “Hypertension”.

Check out our exclusive interview with the Southside, Chicago rapper below.

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