While Chika is fairly new to the mainstream scene,  this independent artist has been consistently and unapologetically serving straight bars! I was first introduced 21 year old Nigerian-American rapper, when she reworked Ed Shareens “Shape Of You”, in 2017 and its been uphill from there.

Chika recently posted a freestyle to Cardi’s New single “Money” instrumental and sent social media into a shambles once again. She has definitely  been one of the new artists to keep your eyes on especially if you can appreciate good instrumentals, bars and impeccable cadence. Chika has an uncanny talent for taking the songs we already like and remaking them in a way that is different than the original but still compliments it ; and executes it with skill and tact. Like Cardi said “She is really a fucking BEAST” and, clearly we agree with her.

In my humble opinion style of rap is where old hip hop and new hip hop meet. This is hiphop hybrid, where Trap Rap instrumentals and lyricism marry.

Chika you’ve got “IT”!


If you don’t believe my cosign, go check her out her Instagram here. Or her Hot 97 freestyle and I believe you will quickly become a fan.

Written By: Spice

Instagram: @Embracing_Essence