Louisiana is not an easy place to build a name for yourself. It’s so much killing out in Baton Rouge you don’t want to be known. It’s a gift and curse trying to be an artist on the rise. Jealousy can get you killed. Your homies can become your enemies and your enemies can become ghost. I know it’s a dark place to take your mind but it’s real. With saying that it’s good to support any artist coming out of Louisiana. It’s a lot of rising talent coming from the bottom of the map. Think about Lil Wayne is from New Orleans. The New Orleans sound is all over the industry right now.

With saying all that, it’s time to introduce someone special. He goes by Chikki Kush, and yes that’s correct Chikki Kush. The name along should catch your attention. Can’t name another with a name like this. You call him Sambo it’s a nickname that he goes by. He has a record called “900 Nights’ that’s going nuts. Online is supporting the record and it’s made a few dope playlist. Chikki Kush comes on this record like a Meek Mill or Tee Grizzly. There is no holding back for Chikki on this one. The record talks about being paranoid for your life while on the daily hustle. Looking over your back and not trusting a sole. That’s almost being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Chikki Kush puts his life into his music. You can hear the passion in each line or bar. Check out his single “900 Nights” below.’