You know you’re hot when the labels start coming after you.

Rapper, actor Donald Glover, whom we also know as Childish Gambino has been caught in the middle of a bidding war.  A music label bidding war that is, the only type of war to be in.

The rapper to shout out the Migos while accepting his Golden Globe win for FX series Atlanta, actually just received some major accolades last month when he collected six RIAA certification for  his single “Redbone”, and is now getting ready to reap some major music label seeds.

After releasing Camp, Because The Internet and “Awaken, My Love!”, his three albums through Daniel Glass’ distribution company Glassnote Records via Universal Music Group, and after news broke that three offers are currently being dangled in front of him, where will he go?

Sources say, Glover might have signed a deal Interscope, but the ruling is still out as that has not been all the way confirmed.  He’s probably now crossing all his T’s and dotting all his I’s – we are sure as this is one of those things where a smart man whom we’d like to think Glover to be, would be doing right about now.

With the idea of signing to these major labels these days being equivalent to signing your life away to the devil, one must think and pray vigorously before putting the ink to the paper.  But since we can’t say that a feat such as this is undeserving for Glover, we only hope that he keeps his intelligence up.

May the best deal win.