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Chingy is back with new music. The newly prosperous tech executive whose involvement in Voice XP and Amazon’s Alexa, surprising many last year, is continuing to flourish with music and motivational gems. He stopped by to talk about his new record “Let’s Talk About It” and something that he’s doing for the ladies on Valentine’s Day. But you have to follow him on Instagram to get that scoop. We asked the Actor and Rapper what inspired “Let’s Talk About It” and this is what Chingy had to say.

“Just different issues and obstacles. People not wanting to see me prosper and relationship issues like women who had taken me through things in relationships like not being themselves and thinking they had to play a role to impress me only for me to see that they presenting themselves as someone they weren’t and not knowing that I’m the guy who will accept you for who you are if you just keep it real with me. I like honesty from the jump. I’m not a judgemental person. If I care about a woman, I’m going to accept all of her  no matter what.”
As far as what he wants people to get out of this record, he said the following, “I want people to know through this record that I go through things just like them. We all have problems, but we can overcome everything. I still push forward when things get difficult in life, and I want em, everyone, to do the same thing. Be encouraged. Look at the small things in life. Like you’re breathing, you have freedom, health. There is a lot that people take for granted and sometimes everything you’re searching for is within you and closer than you think.”
It’s been a while, but don’t you remember the times? Chingy’s addictive delivery of his 2003 Trak Starz single “Right Thurr” was one spot away from #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and because of a worthy opponent- no less, Beyonce & Jay Z’s smash “Crazy In Love”.  “Terribly dirty south” – they called it, and that he was.  Today, he could be considered a renaissance man, or a compilation of the two.
We love the positivity that Chingy always brings when he comes around. He’s an all-around good guy.
Check out the record “Talk About It” below.

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