It has been rumored that Quavo and Karrueche are dating after the two have been seen spending an extensive amount of time together. We all know of the love feud Chris and Karrueche were in and are still going through as Karrueche has filed for a restraining order against Chris.

Sources are now saying that Chris Brown feels “stabbed in the back” by Quavo. Chris is now even more upset at the fact that he helped promote Migos new “Culture” album just to be “betrayed.”

Chris and Quavo not only have a business relationship but also a good friendship. Chris is reportedly “livid” over the fact that he did a lot of pushing for Migos just for Quavo to secretly be messing with Karrueche. He believes that Karrueche’s latest restraining order is tied to her alleged involvement with the Atlanta rapper.

Karrueche and Quavo have not yet come out and say that they are dating but they have been caught out together lately.