Wonder what it feels like to have a mini mall in your house? This video might give you a little insight.

Complex recently kicked it with Chris Brown for their “Complex Closets” series, where they take a tour of entertainers’ closets.

Chris Breezy has always been known to be an extremely fly artist. From fashion to art, he has shown the world that he has a lot of flavor.

Simply put, his closet is HUGE. As a matter of fact, he has TWO closets, both filled with literally hundreds of clothes and sneakers.

When you look at many entertainers’ closets, you’ll see kicks that have been put on ice after one wear. Brown isn’t one of those people, he actually wears his sneakers to get his money’s worth.

During his interview, Brown did reveal one thing that could possibly bring a tear to a sneaker head’s eye: HE SPRAY PAINTS IN YEEZY’S. The thought alone of getting paint splattered on your kicks could make any sneakerhead cringe, but Brown says it’s there to tell a story. That honestly works.

Brown talked about many more things as well. He talks being flat-footed, multiple outfit changes, and refusing to wear Skechers (he’ll change his mind, ONLY if he gets paid though).

Brown’s closet is definitely an inspiration to get money to get your own mini mall. Check it out below.