Chris Brown is being sued by former Backup Dancer

It wouldn’t be 2019 without accusations flying at Chris Brown. Brown is being sued by Danielle Griffin for an incident that occurred in 2017. 

Griffin is not only calling out the 30 year old singer, but is also calling out his production team.

According to  The Blast, Chris Brown, is in the cross-hairs of former backup dancer, Danielle Griffin. Griffin was hired for a video that has yet to be specified. The former backup dancer, has filed a lawsuit against Brown. She claims that the fake blood used on the shoot has caused injuries to both of her eyes. 

The suit alleges a makeup artist named Angel “carelessly and negligently poured fake liquid blood on (her) head without eye protection after assuring her that the substance was safe.” 

The former dancer is suing for $25,000 which covers “loss of wages including past and present,” and damages from Brown and his production team. Griffin claims the production team “had a duty to properly train its employees and agents on the use of dangerous substances including fake liquid blood when preparing dancers and performers for the music video.”

Griffin also claims neither Brown nor the production team have provided any help in her recovery.

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