Chris Rivers, the son of legendary MC Big Pun, is preparing to release his debut project DeLorean and to keep his fans on their toes, he has a brand new video from the album called “Lord Knows.” With a harmonic hook provided by Dyce Payne, “Lord Knows” tells the story of a woman trying to find her way through her trials and tribulations as a single mother.

“I see you rolling solo/I peaked into your soul and I could tell you feeling solo/Like shows I hate solos, can we kick it?,” Rivers raps in the opening verse. “I learned to tell the difference between smiling and just grinning, between living and existing/You been out here on a mission/Single mother cause that motherfucker up and left/He had a shot and now you miss him?/And you might turn up, and go to a party/But you can’t cause your kid is still learning to potty.”

DeLorean is set to drop on July 14 and it will feature production from Unleash Musik, K-Ill Beats, Sol, Nacion, Excel Musik and much more.

Watch “Lord Knows” below.