Christian Kuya delivers his newest visual “USED 2 IT” off his latest self titled EP “KUYA”, Directed by Tim Daust (Reel Mind Studios), shot on location in Las Vegas, is a steam visual featuring a sexy vixen and Kuya heating up the screen. Used 2 It, produced by Chad Keyz, speaks to the struggle Christian survived growing up in the Philippines , and his journey to chase his dreams across oceans if necessary. He speaks on the amount of hate, love lost, and stereotypes that stood in his way on his way up the charts.


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As a Filipino-American, can listeners expect culturally fused music in the future?

Of course, everything I do represents myself, and where I’m from. I speak alot about growing up in Manila and the differences between there and what I go thru here in America. I moved to the states when I was 12 years old with my family, so I’m always using old memories of home in my music.

In selecting the perfect produced track for a song, what do you look for?

It just gotta be a vibe, no real way to describe it other then that. If it doesn’t make me move and feel something within 10 seconds, it’s not the beat I want. I like to work with the same producers, because they have my sound every time. BeatsMode Music, Nonstop Da Hitman (808mafia) , Dj Relly Rell , Chad Keyz, there all super dope, and always give me what I need from a production stand point to make the best music possible.
When creating the perfect song, do you typically write the lyrics first or create a melody and go from there?

I like to catch the vibe of the song, I mostly just hum whatever melodies come in my head first, record that part, then go back and fill in the hum’s with real words that feel right. It’s a slower process but it works for me. I record at home, so I’m on my own time, and can stop/start working on any song at any time, cause it’s not a rushed process. I definitely take my time with every song, and won’t put it out until I’m 100% comfortable with the result.
As an up and coming artist, what do you want new fans to know about you as an artist?

I’m going to be here for a long time, hopefully you join me on the journey, and tell your friends about me. There aren’t many asian (Filipino Artists) in the states that are really doing big things for the culture and that’s something that always bothered me, because people always told me because I’m filipino, it was gonna be impossible for me to “Make It” , and that’s always stuck in my mind as motivation. I make good music (at least I think so) and I’m not gonna stop until the world knows, IM OUT HERE TOO. haha