There is nothing like this. Colin Woodall is making sure he leaves a mark on the rap game. The fact he’s being original as possible. Not copying anyone style and staying true to his roots. They say lyrics are dead and nobody wants to hear anything about your life. But times are changing. Soundcloud rap is starting to fickle out. And just because you look weird and rap, won’t get you signed anymore. One thing for sure being yourself will never go out of style. Why would it? Now days you have rappers that actually go by their government name.

Colin Woodall is a gem that could be a diamond. He has great potential. His flow is witty and his wordplay is out of this world. His delivery will have you locked in to his next bar. You will become a fan soon as you give him a listen. He has a great ear from production and he has a vision. You can tell this is something he has been working on for a while. There is no holding back with this one. Colin Woodall decided to drop off his latest project “Feelings”.

This 10 song project has that J.Cole or Kendrick Lamar vibe going on. This is not some simple rap music with no subject matter. This will be for the true hip hop fan. Bars over lingo all day on this one. The Mood of the project gives you that Mac Miller meets Cam’ron with a taste of Jay Z. You can tell Colin Woodall is truly a fan of hip hop. A student to the game, and ready to showcase his talents. He’s just getting his feet wet with this one. But I hear it’s a lot more to come from him. Colin Woodall really will surprise you with this project. There is no holding back and he put everything he has into it. Check out the complete project below and let us know what you think.