There has been a lot of young, raw talent emerging as of late and maybe the two most rawest talents in their cities connect on this “Amazing” track. Unlvcky Nas and Bandhunta Izzy, Philly and Baltimore, connect for a heavy hitting banger. This dynamic duo combined to be the perfect pair for this track. Nas delivers a flow so calm yet so deadly paired along with Izzy’s aggressive flow that we’ve all grown to like. We’re hoping this is the start to something more to come from these two talented artist.

A lot of new artists and waves have been coming out of the city of brotherly love, names like PNB Rock, Lil Uzi Vert, Kur and Reco Havoc, It makes you forget that Philly was most known for birthing straight spitters. Now with this new age of rap Philly artist are making hit records instead of spitting straight bars. Then there’s Unlvcky Nas who puts a twist to spitting straight bars as well as making it a catchy and sometimes melodic hit.

Unlvcky Nas maybe one of the most versatile artists we have seen in a while and we believe that he’s the real deal. With multiple flows that only he could pull off and also a melodic arsenal that he shows every so often, we believe he has the potential to pave a new lane in the music industry. Bandhunta Izzy who also is having a great year is becoming a star in his own right, gives us heavy hitting bars and clever punchlines on every track. With the release of his Tape “Code Blue” and also his latest visual releases like “Gummo”, “In Love Wit The Trap” and “Boomin” feat Key Glock, it’s safe to say he’ll also be house hold name very soon. These two promising rappers have a lot of stardom coming their way and we’re excited for what’s to come from these two talented artist.