Written By: Jasmine Johnson

As we introduce our first segment, The Rapfest is doing a new series that highlights artists who have been on the come up with their careers for sometime. Meek Mill is first up and you can say that the Philadelphia rapper has had a phenomenal year and then some. You can’t tell me that Meek isn’t blessed with such humble folks around him. With mentor Jay-Z, Meek has announced that he will be the co-owner of Lids. To me that is an accomplishment for the young man.

As soon as he was released from jail, he got to meet the coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. That should let you know that Mill has much respect for his community and hometown. I am not highlighting the bad mishaps of the “Whatever You Need” rapper, because this isn’t what is about. With a successful almost two years that is counting this year, you can say Meek has brought hope to fans and for the people who look up to him and those who want to change their life around.


I know you guys remember the Drake and Meek beef – well I was glad that one day when Drake brought him on stage and they squashed it out because there shouldn’t be any type of violence or negativity between the high class rappers. Many folks look up to them and for that miracle to happen is what we need in the hip-hop community! We hope to see the two forms by making music or even a joint album.


If you missed it, as a major come up, Meek has formed his own label, Dream Chasers. This is a big deal. I would like to say congrats on leveling up and we, TheRapFest, see your come ups! As an advice, keep working and your work will shine to the right people to where you can do anything that is your passion.