Teachers are defined as those “whose occupation is to instruct” and Common recently helped a school of them to do just that.

Teachers are called to educate, and yet, often struggle to do what they have been hired to do due to a complete lack of, or a low amount of supplies.These Educators have even been witnessed online requesting help through crowdfunding sites like Go Fund Me. Additionally, according to the official Go Fund Me site, there are “over 1 million people using Go Fund Me for education projects”. These “projects” include supplies.

There have been some budget cuts to education and their effects in the classrooms are evident.

One teacher was seen panhandling to help her students. She resides in Oklahoma and had already spent thousands of her own salary on supplies.


On yesterday, though, July 20th, Common donated the stacks to the Renaissance School of The Arts in East Harlem. According to Hip Hop Wired and The Associated Press, he partnered with Burlington’s and the Adopt A Classroom organization.

With Sallie Mae already trying to keep us questioning life, it is great to see all these different celebrities, such as Chance The Rapper and Nicki Minaj, using part of their own money to make sure our youth can at least be equipped in these classrooms to receive an education. Knowledge is power. Hats off to Common!