Connor McGregor has been arrested Monday evening (March 11th) after police stated the Mixed Martial Arts star smashed a fans phone in Miami.  

McGregor has been charged with yet another felony, this time for strong-armed robbery and criminal mischief, as reported by the Miami Herald. 

According to reports, McGregor was spotted out front of the Fountainbleu Miami Beach hotel with a fan around 5AM before the accuser tried to take a photo with their cellphone, you know, typical fan behavior, right? But McGregor was not having it, he quickly “slapped” the phone out of his hand then proceeded to stomp on it several times.  

McGregor even took it a step further by picking up the damaged phone, valued at $1,000, and walking away with it.  

As mentioned, this isn’t McGregor’s first run in with law for aggressive behavior.  

Almost one year ago, McGregor was facing legal troubles stemming from his attack on a charter bus carrying UFC fighters. Which resulted in him literally throwing a dolly through the window. 

As a result, McGregor was sentenced to three days of anger management courses and five days of community service.  

This time around may require a bit more than community service, especially considering this act of aggression being labeled a felony.  

Stay tuned for more details.