Conor Must Have Thought He Was Rachel Dolezal.



Boxing is a very brutal sport. It can get ugly inside and outside the ring. Because of the brutality in the nature of the sport, sometimes, there has to be a little bit of an attitude, disdain or, disrespect for the opponent in order for the fighters to have the motivation to beat him or her up. But, at what point does the disrespect go too far? We may have seen it with Conor McGeregor the last few days.

As you can see in the video above, Conor just referred to black people as monkeys. That is classic racist language in this country. But wait, there’s more.

There’s the incident where he called Floyd Mayweather “boy” although Floyd’s father said he didn’t think it was racist.


Then, there was this incident today of him clearing up these so-called rumors that he wasn’t racist in one of the most racist ways possible.


And, you know you messed up when you have to clear up how you cleared up the rumors because the way you cleared up the rumors only fueled the rumors.

In other words, “I got black friends. I can’t be racist.”


Conor McGregor is Irish. So, I hope this is a cultural barrier although that still doesn’t make it better. Racial tension has now been added to this fight whether you think he’s racist or not. I don’t know how you can call black people monkeys and not be considered racist but acording to Conor, you can. He has alienated a lot of people and as a result, Floyd just gained a lot more fans, at least for one fight. This promotion tour has rubbed people the wrong way but, it’s over. The racist comments all in “good fun” are over for now but the tour ended with more controversy coming from Floyd’s side.

Who do you want to see get knocked out?

Paul Robinson