It’s not a secret anymore. Football could ruin your life.

Last year, the NFL finally admitted that there’s a connection between football and CTE. This was only after the NFL had to pay off millions of dollars to thousands of former NFL players the year before. Today, in a study published in the medical journal JAMA, it was revealed that 110 of 111 deceased NFL players had CTE. College players and high school players were part of the study but, the largest percentage of players with the disease were the NFL players. This is the largest study of CTE ever recorded and will help to bring about more in-depth research of the disease including researching possible treatments.

CTE, or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, is a degenerative disease that happens as a result of repeated head trauma. The symptoms include memory loss and suicidal thoughts among other symptoms. In other words, contact sports can lead to your brain, one of your most important body parts, not being able to do what it’s meant to do over time. Basically, playing football can ruin your life.

Former NFL players received money from the NFL because they sued the NFL claiming that the NFL knew about the connection to brain damage and football and did not educate the players about the risk that they were taking playing the game of football in the NFL. This makes sense because it wasn’t until last year that the NFL finally admitted you can get brain injuries playing the game.

The future of the game may be in trouble because despite the NFL recently admitting the connection, people have known this for years and parents have started preventing their kids from playing football because of it. LeBron James might be the most famous celebrity to have these sentiments and LeBron himself was a standout football star in high school despite being an NBA star now. The flipside to this is the belief that low income kids who have the talent to play football will always do it despite knowing that they might be risking their life.

Whatever you may believe about football, if you decide to play the game and get CTE, there will not be any big payout coming your way after you’re done with the game because it is well-known now that football can cause head trauma. This new study now confirms this fact. CTE can only be formally diagnosed with an autopsy and there are 177 autopsies that show what football can do to your brain.

Would you allow your kid to play football?

Paul Robinson