I go back and forth on the idea of highly intellectual, free-standing robots roaming the earth as humans do, something I feel is coming next.  The next set of culprits to induce endless drought in our pockets because the new trend will be to have one; and you won’t appear to be shit without one of your own. With a basic level bot running you maybe twenty grand to start with a pricey upgrade upon every update release; leading to a shortage in job opportunities throughout different sectors, causing strikes, strife and backlash against the ingots; to a fiery background of people burning their money in the street, angry, knocking their heads on the pavement, all questioning “why did I idle in this investment?”


And just like the robot, one whom you wouldn’t mind serving you breakfast & running your kids to and from school everyday, it’s going to cost you; lest your AI (Apple Intelligence) suddenly starts thinking, becomes rogue and begins plotting against you – which is not totally unlikely if you watch enough scientific flicks, and then you might have to return that ass; the evolution of the Macbook Pro, though sleeker, brighter, and first of its kind, is it too worth the pretty penny? And no, we’re not talking robot money, but still.



Apple loves to dangle that candy in front of us, leaving you salivating at the mouth, lusting; then all of a sudden, a hunger pain ensues, like you didn’t just eat breakfast this morning. It’s one of those things, you know its not good for you, you don’t need it, but after you see it, you just gotta have it. With a brand new Apple product released every year, telling yourself that your perfectly fine 2012 edition is now all of a sudden acting up and due for replacement, but you still haven’t paid off that damn Barclay’s balance since your original purchase date yet, ready to spend off your rent check for January 2017. Is it worth the headache of having to scramble what you might have left over after adding the newest accessories & extra cool add-ons too, maximizing your Macbook Pro 2016 experience; because at the time, that was the most important thing. Forget about having a place to live, or even electricity to boot the thing up with. Bask in the future of computers; some next level shit.

But before we jump head first into this investment – as some may call such a purchase of such a device, let’s first navigate the positives; all the good points potentially making this buy worth the all those buckets. Both models (13-inch & 15-inch) under five pounds, 17% reduced in size, the Macbook Pro just keeps getting thinner, it is the most ultra portable machine to beat right now. And although sleeker, there is still a full size keyboard, refined from the previous versions with a more responsive feel upon every stroke. The new Touch ID feature on a notebook has never been done before; before Apple that is. A quicker sign-in process, when you have to get to the story fast.

The powerful, creative tool is 67% brighter, has a higher contrast in picture, the best retina display across all notebooks – a more crisp, cleaner look on a computer screen; a new multi-touch bar with commands that change with every app change. 25% deeper color space, noticed best with reds & greens; color brilliance jumping directly at you. A better contrast ratio, your blacks are blacker, the whites are whiter. The Macbook Pro is an innovative mix of software and hardware. The updated speaker system is 58% louder with maximum boom for your buck; whether assessing a new dope album in route or catching a movie on the fly. But like everything newer & greater Apple, calls for a bigger cash withdrawal.


How many fall for the okie-doke and buy into the aesthetics, into the exclusive Macbook Pro Club everyone is spending their tax dollars off to be a part of; running you a minimum rate of $1,299 for the 13-inch, but that’s without the brand new touch-bar feature that includes the Touch ID – you’re going to want that; and the going-rate for one of those will start you at $1,799 all the way up to $2,799; just for you to likely run into noticeably more software glitches, bugs, having to reboot one too many more times than what’s already considered a bit much, especially after pondering over the expensive price tag originally attached to it. The trackpad is awkwardly oversized, driving major palm rejection – another pricey annoyance; battery life is not as long due to having to all the brighter retina display.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.


Do you buy the damn robot or not?

Of course, you do.