Here at the Rapfest, we aim to “Show you how to move in a room full of vultures.”

From Apps, Games, Gadgets and more, all were welcomed at this years Tech Day NY, the self proclaimed “largest startup event in the U.S..”  Last week (April 18th), on a mild spring day, roaming the west side of New York City, thousands of gigs and technology lovers packed into Pier 94 for a day full of technology. Technically, the only thing missing were the robots, and yes, I wanted to see the robots. Maybe next year…

With vendors and booths sprawled all over the place, I was in for an action packed day. There were obviously tons of startups there but companies like Uber, Amazon, UPS, and T-Mobile also made sure to have a presence. As a tech lover myself, I’m always looking for what’s next and new, but unfortunately, with a lot of the startup companies, a lot of them seem either too ahead of their time or are copy-cats of another brand. With the majors brands, I like to get a sneak peak on what they’re working on and of course, how can I, rather we the people get a discount?

Who doesn’t love a good promo code?

Rather than talk about the big dogs of the game though, I’ll put you on to some cool startups that are bound to make a major impact. With so many focuses, from music, food, fashion to new technology, it was a nice mixture of what’s to come as well as, what’s already on the market.

So without further ado, for all my techies out there

StationHead (App)

How would you like you like to host your own radio show to promote your brand or just for fun with your family and friends? But what if you‘re getting paid at the same time? Welcome to StationHead. They provide you with the platform and the music via their partnership with Spotify, so now all you have to do is promote your show and go live. Each listener counts as a stream. 1 million listeners equal 1 million streams, so you do the math. The more listeners you bring in, the more money you make. Sounds good to me.


No matter who you are, everyone goes through the same drama of not charging your phone at the right time or when we need them most. With no time to sit and wait for your phone to charge, Resqbattery has solved the problem for you. With cool neon color and recyclable part this portable charge is bound to get you thru the day with no cords or cubes needed. All you do is plug this charge into the bottom of your phone (iPhone or Android) and when your done throw it away. It only costs $11.99 for 2 batteries that last 5 hours each. Coming soon to a corner store or gas station near you and now available now online. Thank me later don’t forget to pack on your next flight.

CherriPik (App)

There is nothing better than a good meal from your favorite restaurant; even better with a discount if you’re like me. Check out CherriPik. The app uses your GPS and provides a map with all the local and fast food restaurants around you that are currently offering deals. So when you hit the highway this summer, or have dinner plans at your favorite restaurant with the family, be sure to check the CherriPik App. It is also great for people who have just moved into a new city and want to find a favorite restaurant. #FirstDateApproved

 Via (App)

If you live in NYC like me, this app is a must have. With so many taxi apps on the market it’s hard to keep track, but the one thing they all have in common is that those rate increases whenever they feel like it. If it’s raining, you pay more, if its to hot, you pay more. We don’t want to hear that anymore. You need VIA with a flat rate of $5 per ride ($3 additional for another passenger) in Manhattan between 6am-8pm. I used VIA  to attend the event actually and my ride came out to $2.75. They have expanded into parts Brooklyn & Queens and with a VIA pass you can get unlimited rides 7 Day pass for $69 or a 30 day pass for $255 with a 20% discount to the local airport.


Don’t you hate when you’re out having fun and are about to get the greatest Snapchat video and boom… your phone dies. The next thing you do is ask the bartender to please charge your phone. Well the next time this happens they may hand you a CHRGR. CHRGR is for when you’re running low out at your favorite venue or event. No more waiting for an outlet, or leaving your device unattended. CHRGR works with any mobile device. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, you get immediate power. You can recharge and reuse via USB and it works with most mobile devices. Slightly thicker than a credit card, it’s ultra-light and slim design make this external battery the ideal mobile charging solution. It available now for $19.99.


Now that you’re done with your spring cleaning, it’s time for some new furniture. With Furnishare, you can submit your furniture to be sold and get something new for a discount. Be it sofas, tables, chairs, dressers, or artwork for the office or home, they have access to all the top brands and there’s even free pick up and delivery.  Without having to leave your home or office, I think its time for an extreme home or office make over. 


“I am not a robot. I have a heart and I bleed.”

Serena Williams



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