If you are a gamer, than this next Cyber Monday discussion pertains to you.

The new hybrid Nintendo Switch, flaws and all will get better and sell out in due time, as sales have already been impressive.  Whether at home on the couch or catching a flight, the handheld device is a refreshing taste, gaming update to its ancestor of sorts, the Wii U.

Launched on March 3rd, it has taken folks a few weeks to give proper backlash – if any.  With the rate of consumer reviews going around right now, your best bet will be to wait a few more months, about midyear before making this $299 starting price for the console alone, otherwise you might find yourself smashing it into pieces at no fault but your own after being royally irritated due to the reoccurring frame-rate drops and pauses that seem to happen during gameplay where the screen freezes for seconds at a time; interrupting focus and possibly throwing you off your aim.

Not your normal tablet type, the Nintendo Switch’s portable experience and elegance is what makes it better than the Wii U, the sleeker, more refined look alone will have you so engrossed, whether on a plane, a train, in an automobile or just sitting at home, it’s fantastic.  Where although due to the Wii U’s interactive gaming and even its virtual perks that still aren’t all the way fine-tuned with Nintendo’s newest device, the Nintendo Switch’s on-the-go efficiency has placed it ahead of its predecessor as the most innovative emerging concept since.  And after smoothing out all the kinks, it will eventually leave the Wii U as a distant memory as techies don’t seem to focus too much on one thing anyway; they are always looking to the next, ready and willing to spend, spend, spend.

The increase in pricing with the Nintendo Switch comes from the added costs of its magnificent games and expensive accessories compared to the Wii U’s $300 and change bundle packages offered.  But that is no bother, or so it seems as the upgrades and newer capabilities are what most gamers have been waiting for since the Wii U’s release last year.  Its capacity to go from being used on the TV to then removing it at your leisure to the couch or even taking it with you on the road, sets it apart; where as the Wii U has to be connected to the TV still, even if in portable mode – only making it great for parental overseeing.  Plus, with more games to choose from, kid-friendly and adult-friendly with the Switch, who can complain.  One’s ability to operate the device in three distinct modes: Portable, Docked and Tablet-Top makes it fitting to any personality type.  And with a better battery life, its no big deal to throw your money away when tossing the big brother console out the window for the Switch.
With the Switch, one can go from sleep mode, or even off mode to then pick up where they left off while playing a game of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which gamers say is the most compelling, groundbreaking launch to happen to gamers ever.  Most of the other hot games like Mario Kart, Splatoon 2Super Mario Odyssey just to name a few, won’t be available for some time from now, a small disadvantage when you consider the ladder.   However, due to the brilliant color-schemes displayed in a game of Zelda for instance, that’s where the freeze issues begin to occur as like any device, too much of anything going on at one time will eventually lead you to have to put it down and walk away before rebooting it back to life.  Down to even the Joy Con controllers that can be easily detached from the

At its current state, we would advise to chill out a bit, wait it out a few, look out for some more of the reviews as they are steady coming in, even by the minute; and when it’s all good, then you can unleash those funds.  Get high off your gaming habit, tune out to the world and get loss in your console.