Damian Marley confirmed in an exclusive interview with Bill Board published on June 12th that he worked on new music as of late with Jay Z.

The Artist announced the collaboration only one day after performing at the Parklife Festival in Manchester. The festival took place at Heaton Park. Additionally, the vast line-up also featured Frank Ocean, Chaka Khan, and A Tribe Called Quest.

Damian Marley
Furthermore, yesterday Bill Board shared the Q & A session where they spoke with Marley about marijuana legalization, the tragic bombing at Ariana Grande’s Manchester performance, his latest single releases, and his new album titled Stony Hill. The latest releases from the Reggae musician include “Nail Pon Cross” released last year.

“Be careful who you nail pon cross”

“That’s really what the song was about. This kind of passing judgment without really knowing or without judging yourself or even having a right to judge. That’s really what that song highlighted.” – Damian Marley via Bill Board

The “Medication” single is a collaborative feat with his brother, Stephen Marley. The visual was released on June 8th.

Before these singles dropped, Damian Marley last gifted us with a joint album with Nas in 2010 and his 2005 Welcome To Jamrock album. Though, fans can expect Stony Hill on July 21st.

Lastly, in agreement with All Hip Hop‘s statement, 4:44 ads sparked rumors that Jay Z will be dropping an album soon. That said, Damian Marley shared some details about Jay Z’s recent visit to Jamaica over the weekend.

“We did some work in the studio recently and he wanted to come to Jamaica to get a tour of the place. He’s been to Jamaica before, but never Kingston. So he wanted to come down to Kingston and asked us if we could have been there to show him around and give him a tour musically, in terms of our history in Kingston. So that’s really the basis of what [Jay Z’s recent visit to Jamaica] was about…I did some work with him for some stuff that he’s working on. I’m not really sure of the details of his project in that sense, but we worked on some music together. I’ve been a fan of his music since he came out. We’ve never done any musical work together. So that was a joy to finally work together musically.” – Damian Marley via Bill Board

So, anyone else as excited for the duo to drop the new collab?!

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