Micia G

Daniel Caesar provided the ultimate romantic soundtrack with album Freudian and his latest track shows us the side that comes alive in the nighttime. Joined by T-Pain who has a musical history of falling in love with strippers, the two men connect on Who Hurt You?reminiscing on a loss connection from the Atlanta night scene.

The smooth instrumental of Who Hurt You? are decorated with Daniel Caesar’s soulful vocals, recalling the assets of talents of the “Tall Blonde Wig Beauty” as described in a Craiglist post humorously shared with the song through the artist’s social media platforms.

Singing the praises of Priscilla the mystery woman able to evoke primal feelings and empty his pockets, Daniel Caesar cuts straight to the chase.

“Take that pussy, drop it in my lap
I love it when you move like that
Now turn around and throw it back, it back, it back”

This new track could be a sign of the direction of Daniel Caesar’s upcoming project, taking a turn from the romantic ballads to steamy, erotic tunes. With this being his first release of 2018 that is not a feature on another artists song,  it is safe to say, fans are ready for the return.

Listen below: