If you’re unfamiliar with Buffalo producer Daringer, just think of anything that you’ve heard Westside Gunn & Conway on. Daringer is the architect of the Griselda Records sound. He’s been behind records like Gunn’s “Gustavo” and Conway’s “Rex Ryan.”

Mass Appeal recently reached out to Daringer for their popular producer series, “Rhythm Roulette.”

Basically, a producer goes to a local record shop and picks three records while blindfolded. After that, they have to create a beat from scratch, sampling something from the records they picked out.

The records that were selected could easily cause problems for any producer, but they seemed to be no match. Daringer was definitely able to capture his simplistic, minimal style, which is iconic for Westside Gunn & Conway’s music.

Griselda’s own Benny, who has been terrorizing radio stations across the country, even stopped by the lab and laid some crazy bars of his own.

Peep the process below, you won’t be disappointed.