The Rapfest's Review Of Dave B's "Tomorrow"

Part of the beauty of the Hip Hop culture are the artists that not only continue to push the culture forward but also expand the genre beyond its stylistic limits. Exemplifying that mission is a young MC emerging from the west coast, Dave B. To be exact, it is Seattle, Washington in which the young multi-talented star calls home.

Creating buzz in the northwest area of the country, the Seattle native’s versatility in his sound stems from his upbringing. Influenced by talented artists such as Kirk Franklin, Erykah Badu, Andre 3000, Aaliyah and Kanye West, it is no shock that Dave B’s music is so eclectic.

The Seattle native first introduced himself and his unique sound to the world with his EP, Punch Drunk, in October of 2015. The EP was filled with conscious-driven lyrics that meshed well with the soulful melodic beats of the 9-track EP. The release of Punch Drunk is a testament of Dave B’s rise to stardom.

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Recently, Dave B released his second project, Tomorrow, in conjunction with the well-known Seattle producer Sango. The 12-track album dwells in the vibes of soulful darkness, allowing Dave’s sing-rapping lyrics to manifest over the Sango produced tracks. Tomorrow creates a world of eclectic vibes for his listeners to indulge in.

Dave B opens up the album by allowing us to view his emotional heart, while Zonin in on his choices of going for his love life and career. He elegantly rides the rest of the Sango produced track with his melodic rifts, as he drifts away “Zonin”. The following track expresses Dave’s internal conflict as the strategically flipped sample of A Tribe Called Quest’s Find My Way, meshes with Sango’s production on Help Me Find A Way.

The only feature on the album is from former Raider Klan, Key Nyata. Key Nyata and Dave B both silence their phones on Do Not Disturb, as they exchange verses about a horrible break up in which they are trying to get over without any distractions and the “He Say- She Say”. Dave Then takes his listeners on a short ride down a gray whirl pool with an obscure somber on Gone.

That short ride leads us to Parallel, a dreamy felt track that opens up with a quote from a Somalian Woman. “A man that lies and hides things from me, I don’t want him”. You can hear the same Somalian woman softly speaking in the background as Dave B muses over a woman from his past who still runs through his mind. This theme shows up again in a sensual manner in Nothin as he tells his crush to “bring dat ass to my side” because he can’t keep his mind off her.

Dave B is known for his sing-rapping skill set, but in Got it From, Dave B shows off more vocals in a funk like manner, pleading to a woman to give him her love because that’s all he wants. Dave B continues with this common theme of a woman running across his mind until the finale, I Don’t Care What Y’all Think. He lets us know that he’s “too chill for the drama and too good for these b****”.

Dave B’s Tomorrow puts him in a lane different from any other upcoming rapper. Dave B and Sango executed the sounds of the Seattle flavor giving his listeners another reason why the northwest area should be looked at. Dave B’s funky melodic blues style in his vocals adds to his eclectic musical style. Sango’s production compliments Dave B’s style, hence why Tomorrow is worth a listen.  

Stream Dave B and Sango’s Tomorrow on SoundCloud below.

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