Since the release of his Paranoia EP last week, Harlem, NY native Dave East is making his way all over the press-ways, stopping by Hot 97s Ebro In The Morning on Wednesday.

The modern day version of a real-New York rapper, with Easts’ life outside of the music being somewhat bigger than the music, as far as his budding acting career (Being Mary Jane), his social media, being loved and lusted after by all the women; but now that Paranoia being out, he is able to bring it back to the basics.

Referring to himself as a student of the game, East humbly expressed taking it back to the drawing board, and re-listening to the first albums of Nas, Biggie, and Jay Z, wanting to see what they were on when they first put their body of work’s out.  Dropping his first mixtape in 2007, East admits to finding his voice in this project through discovering different ways to get his point across, mastering who he is, as an artist.  Something fresh, something New York, something new.

Staying drama-free, East recalled the growth of his pockets adding fuel to the starting fire that was brewing in his personal life at one point, in regards to being on the road non-stop, women being on his tail and keeping home balanced with his daughter & mother of his child; but then taking a hold of it all while still maintaining the air of being a single man.  As far as dating goes, when it comes to the women, East was candid in saying that as long as you’re bad and real, whether celebrity or non-celebrity, he might be checking for you.  You must, however, understand and respect his lifestyle.

Saving the good stuff for the actual album though, as far as working with certain producers, wanting Jay Z and Nas on the same record, Erykah Badu, and not forcing the magic in order to make it happen, is what separates Paranoia from being an album instead of an EP.  Putting that together will surely take some more pondering and planning over.

If you haven’t gotten to Paranoia yet, you have to go check it out.  With features like Chris Brown, French Montana, Nas, Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa and more, go get your copy now and check out the full interview with Ebro and the crew below.