Rapper/activist David Banner touched on a few things while visiting the Breakfast Club last Friday.  From putting together a new album after five years, death threats, self abuse, politics, depression and the state of which he believes Hip-Hop and the artists heavily delved within are sitting right now.

As to the state of Hip Hop, Banner said so plainly that, “I believe hip hop has given in to white supremacy.”  Upon the question from Charlamagne Tha God that if artists compromise who they are in exchange for success, Banner used the example of black radio stations choosing over the positive, uplifting tracks to the ratchet, gorilla type meant to cause destruction and chaos.

While it may be fun, catchy, and makes you move, it does nothing for the soul; and when you ruin the soul, there’s nothing more left but flesh.  When the soul is suppose to live on, and flesh is suppose to eventually die, if you lose both, what do you have?  Banner basically exclaimed that when you really think about it, we do it to ourselves; chasing the love of money and teaching the younger generation to praise drug dealers and other foul beings.

We have conformed to that of which we claim to rebuke.  While we, as cultural beings should be against the teachings and undermining of White Supremacy, we have become totally numb to the workings of the silent white supremacists working in our mist.  Without even knowing what we are doing, again, we do it to ourselves.

Banner also said that the Trump administration, in all of its gory – not glory, is actually a blessing to the culture as it has opened the minds of those in the black community as to what the ramifications of politics can really mean to our lives and .

Check his interview down below.