Superbowl is a highly anticipated event of the year and the most viewed play are the commercials. This year fans are expected to see a lot and more especially from the events. Day Snatchers is a traveling experience, where the young, gifted, and lit come to build, and celebrate wins.

They are building a community of “Day Snatchers”; go-getters that are shifting the culture through innovation, style, design, and through leadership. They do this through carefully curated events focused on the exchange of influence and transfer of knowledge.

The Premier Day Party concept celebrates the culture of urban nightlife in the daylight. At carpe diem you “seize the day party” with like-minded individuals.

Founders of Day Snatchers:

James Highsmith @personaltruth

Aaron Waters @adubski

Ameer Brown @ninobreez


Highly Anticipated Events:

Powered by: 

@pressplayagency @daysnatchers 

@artworkksstudios @rhondarox & @chefphyliciarenae



Written by Brian Lamont