It’s officially Straight Drop Season!

We are quickly approaching summer and artists are rolling out new projects at a rapid pace. Project after project, upcoming acts are competing for the spot of “ next best thing:” Washington DC’s El Cousteau has humbly accepted this challenge.  Releasing his highly anticipated mixtape yesterday (May 16th), so renew that Apple Music membership ASAP!

On Sunday, May 6th, El Cousteau hosted a listening party the #SuperCousteau way for his highly anticipated mixtape ‘Straight Drop Season,’ where friends, family, and local artists gathered at DC’s The Carryout for an exclusive first listen to this 11-track tape. El Cousteau’s unique sound and  broad creativity is showcased through the wide selection of sounds of the project, ranging from 808 beats to high energy trap records.


Pronounced el-k-oo-st-oh, El Cousteau is a proud native of Washington, DC. His hometown has helped to culturally and sonically shape him into the artist he is today.

Along with members of the #CousteauGheng, Chef humbly assumes his position as the future of D.C. rap and artistry.  


‘Straight Drop Season’ is now available on all streaming platforms.  



Shai Vaz


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