Entrepreneur and CEO of Death Row Entertainment, Jacob Helsel grew up in Germantown, Maryland with his two sisters raised by his mother. Growing up heavily influenced by the culture of Hip Hop with the likes of Tupac, he closely related to the storytelling lyrics spit by the West Coast legend. Because of this, he was sure that he would one day contribute to the industry one way or another. As for many of us, music has served as an outlet especially after experiencing hardships throughout our lives. For some, music is a natural passion and no matter how hard we may try to go the traditional 9 to 5 route, the music and industry just draws us in further. 


Fro Jacob, working within the industry came natural. Since a youngin’, he’s been hard working and determined, working to provide food for his mother and siblings. Even through the struggles, his faith and passion for music continued to drive him. Enabling him the opportunity to do great things for others with his love and passion for music. Now he’s living his dream of working within the music industry as a means to take care of his family. His dream of creating a record label in order to make others dreams come true and expose their greatest potential have come to fruition. 


Death Row ENT has a large network of artists. Even with a nice size roster, the team maintains the workflow. Assuring artists complete their tasks and meet deadlines, while interacting with the public in a proper manner allowing them to be loved by the people – garnering a larger fan base and developing relationships along the way throughout their music career. When it comes to finding the talent, there’s no issue! Death Row ENT comes equipped with a highly experienced A&R team who’s ready to take on any client ready to work and has what it takes to survive in this industry! 

So that you can worry less, Death Row ENT provides in house publishing while handling your promotion and worldwide distributions with ease making sure that you reach your musical goals.

Are you an artist looking to build your brand and or jump start your career? Well you’ve come to the right place! Death Row ENT is offering the following services at an affordable and reasonable price. Take a look at the services below:



  • PR Services
  • Artist Development
  • Record Label Set Up
  • Publishing Account Set Up
  • Royalty Account 16 Check Set Up
  • Design Services / Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Video Editing
  • Radio Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Prerelease Countdown
  • Blog Placement
  • Verification
  • Audio Mastering Services
  • BET Mobile Distribution
  • Major Artists Features…. AND MORE!