One Of The Best Ciphers To Date Is Finally Here

The Rapfest has been doing big things in the industry and what sets them apart is the exclusive cipher series that is presented throughout the year. These ciphers not only breathe new life in to each component of rap, but the platform it provides for artist to showcase their raw talent is unparalleled. Every series highlights a new element within the rap game and this installment is no different. For the first time within the series a female has joined the line up and the outcome is explosive. For Series 11, Dee-1 links up with Nitty Scott and the Up Next Artist Rob Regal for one of the most lyrically profound installments to date. While Feb 9th was orchestrating the instrumental, Chris Zino of Exhibition Z Films captured all the visuals.

Dee-1 is up first with a flow that is nothing short of great. Line after line he reassures us all that he is a force to be reckoned with. Dee-1 set the bar high but the Up Next Artist Rob Regal, steps up to the challenge. He is hungry and makes it clear that he is gunning for the top spot. Usually its ladies first but The Rapfest might’ve just saved the best for last. Nitty Scott hopped on the beat and killed it. Her dynamic wordplay and dominant flow go hand in hand, proving she can go head to head with any dude in her league. Feb 9th, the man behind the instrumental, has created something timeless. The eerie beat was created from scratch, no samples, just raw talent.

This installment is definitely up there with the best of the series and this trio definitely worked for it. The Rapfest has broken yet another barrier that could not have been predicted. While Series 12 will be dropping soon, Series 11 makes it seem too far away. Stay tuned for the next installment.