Written By: Bryson “Boom” Paul



How quick feelings change. Remember when “Panda” hitmaker, Desiigner was bouncing around with the record-breaking song, performing all over the world, and  hitting donuts with Kanye West a few years ago. It was all good just a week ago right? Well looks like the Brooklyn rapper is singing a different tune to his label head. And that is “LET ME GO”.
On Tuesday evening, the “Panda” star tweeted, “FREE ME FROM THIS LABEL.” See actual tweet below. He was originally discovered by Pusha T, who brought the chart-topper to Kanye West.

Desiigner would later sign to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music in a joint deal with Def Jam. His hit would go on to be placed on Kanye’s Life of Pablo album with a promise of a debut not to far behind. However, the debut album never saw the light of day. Reasons being push backs and unable to find a solid follow-up for his monstrous hit. Desiigner has been sitting on ice for two years now. 
Will Kanye let the one-hit wonder leave the family? Eventually, yes but will Desiigner be able to bounce back? More as this story develops. 
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