New York, NY: A familiar gritty voice cuts through the noise and silences an already anxious crowd that was patiently waiting to hear the latest record from Bronx native Deven Angel. The voice growls loudly over the microphone and says “There’s a lot of Angels, but there’s only one Deven Angel” and the crowd went crazy when they realized Jadakiss was finally in the building to help promote the new single he is featured on with Deven called On My Bodi.

Jadakiss immediately gave Deven much due respect for creating such a phenomenal record. His exact words were “I get called everyday to do features and things of that nature, but this song was actually dope! They played the record and I laid my verse immediately. Then they returned with the final mix for me to hear and I said you got yourself a hit”. Jadakiss then looked at DJ Amadeus from Sirius XM radio while screaming drop that beat and the crowd roared as Deven dove right into his first verse of the song! You could here the ladies chanting “On My Bodi, On My Bodi” as Deven sang to each young Queen as if they were in the room alone. At this moment everyone was convinced they were witnessing history in real time! Deven Angel is definitely up next and the one to watch!




The room was filled with influencers, record label reps and media outlets from all over the East Coast. Reps from Republic Records, Bad Boy, Universal Music Group and Empire were all in attendance to get a first glimpse of Deven Angel. Some notable influencers that also attended were celebrity stylist Ty Hunter (Beyonce/Greedilous), Mickey Boom (Victoria Secret/Lela James), Celebrity Publicist Marie Driven (Spice Official/K Goddess) and Sean Michael Frazier (CEO, SMF Global/Model).














Katra Event Space was filled to the brim and no one cared. People danced shoulder to shoulder while enjoying top notch music, food and drinks. Katra’s General Manager, Ra Allen said “I was actually planning on closing the venue for the night. Yet, when Lucky Church calls you can’t deny him the venue. You know the place will be packed and you don’t mind. Lucky always bring positive vibes and his crowd follows his lead. It was an epic night indeed”. I don’t think anyone who attended this listening party could disagree with that!


Stay tuned, there is so much more to come from the brilliant mind of Deven Angel.

Written By Queen Lexyonce