Poet and spoken word artist, Jessica Care Moore made cryptic predictions that are being realized today

Many have argued that Nas’ fourth studio album, Nastradumus is far from his best body of work and is barely referenced by millennials today. However, something told me to revisit the intro titled “Predictions” which carried an acid jazz fusion style instrumental beneath a spoken word written and delivered by Jessica Care Moore. The enchantment of the overall track is timeless and so damn afrocentric, for lack of better words. Since Hip Hop and poetry are mutually exclusive in the minds of some music lovers, no one has taken the time to decipher the cryptic poetic words. We dare to take a stab at it sixteen years later, which is pretty spooky considering the words are now making sense to us during this 2016 presidential campaign. There is so much relevancy in Jessica C. Moore’s words in regard to what’s happening in our world today and I repeat, sixteen years later. The prediction is being realized in 2016 as we deal with social injustice and false prophets in the forms of two presidential candidates.


Rich Nice opens up the dialogue with “What’s happenin brothers and sisters? Welcome to our time” followed by Jessica C. Moore seeping in with a vicious acapella flow that strikes a chord with the first two lines, “Afro-Angels hide my weapons in tangles, black Star Spangled…”. What does this mean though? In my opinion, this first line is a clear interpretation of Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest of the national anthem and how it rejuvenated the Black Lives Matter movement. The ‘afro angel’ represents Colin Kaepernick and ‘hide weapons in tangles’ can be interpreted as how Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the national anthem has turned into a weapon for social justice in the media. Who knew kneeling during the national anthem can be so powerful? This helps us make sense of the use of the word ‘tangles’ as a form of hiding a ‘weapon’. No one could have ever imagined one man kneeling during the national anthem would spark so much debate about our country and ultimately dividing a nation. Colin’s decision not to stand for the national anthem is in support for people of color who are being oppressed in the United States, and to take a stand against police brutality.

The 2nd portion, “black star-spangled,” can be in reference to all the pro-black imagery that we’re seeing amongst our black celebrities like Beyoncé’s Black Panther tribute at the Super Bowl, Solange’s recently released solo album, T.I.’s #UsOrElse campaign and many more like D.L. Hughley being very vocal against Donald Trump, etc. The term ‘black star’ is a reference to Pan-Africanist Marcus Garvey’s The Black Star Line (BSL) which was a steamship corporation established in 1919. Similarly to the UNIA’s Negro Factories Corporation, the BSL was part of a larger effort on the part of Garvey to inspire black self-determination and economic autonomy. Garvey saw that blacks across the globe were largely being exploited and left out of the global economy. In interpretation, black star-spangled is a reference to black equality being celebrated.

Now that the government’s gone, can’t tell your left from your right
Winged assassins laughing while the New World’s collapsing

This line is in reference to our current state of domestic terrorism with police officers shooting unarmed people of color on camera but only receiving paid leave and no conviction to the extent of the law. The majority of the nation has acknowledged that the ‘government is gone’ and there’s no one to police ‘the police’. Some citizens have lost confidence in the justice system since the government has opted to turn their backs on innocent citizens in order to protect racist public servants that have opted to murder behind their badge. Our enemies are surely laughing as the new world collapses for the 2nd time. The initial collapse can be argued as 9/11 and the twin towers.

“While recreating humanity, we will summon yemanja.” 

To make sense of this line, we have to evaluate who Yemanja is in the African culture. She is known as Yemanja or Imanje Brazilian Candomblé. Yemaya is considered the Goddess of the living ocean, considered the mother of all. It can be interpreted as our outcry to vote for anything outside of Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton would be the first female president in United States history and would birth a new beginning in womens history. Though this is a battle between two evils, the lesser of two has to be Clinton. Everyone is looking for a re-establishment of humanity with our laws for minorities and the only sensible option for this term is the female candidate.

Regardless who has earned your vote, Nas may have given a very insightful interpretation into the future in very cryptic words. Though the future remains a blur and no one knows what to expect in the years to come; there’s a lot of revelational references in this piece by Jessica Moore which may be applicable for many decades to come. All in all, make your voices heard this election and hopefully you help re-create humanity with the lesser of two evils, vote Hillary! Much love to Nas for being a positive voice for over two decades as well!

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