Bronx Artist Diezel Jones, released his new video for “Respect The Finesse” and sets the tone for what he has in store. Luckily for us we were able to briefly interview the rising emcee. Check it out below and watch the new Visuals here!

1. What motivated you to write a song about respecting the art of finessing?
THE HUSTLE was the motivation. The art is the come up. Its like a artist he starts with a blank canvas he works different colors different designs until he feels the painting is complete, I relate that to the hustle when your broke or your money aint right thats your blank canvas, so you work different jobs different angles different positions until you secure a bag, but like an artist you don’t stop hustling because you got 1 bag you keep hustling just like the artist keeps painting.

2. Describe your creative process in recording this song.
I had the Respect The Finesse in my head for a week, I found the beat that matched with the tempo and flow I wanted to use and once i started writing it was quick.

3. Why do you think it’s important for people to respect the finesse?
The importance is the Finesse(The Hustle), and no matter how you Finesse you do it to the be the best you can be then level up. Whatever your doing scamming, balling, rapping, working a 9-5, trapping, stripping, lawyer doctors flipping burger’s accounting, whatever and you never stop Finessing 24/7 365 +1 on leap year YOU GOTTA FINESSE.

4. What does it really mean to “Respect The Finesse”?
It means Respect My Hustle dont knock it. You mite not like how i Finesse or the way i Finesse i mite not like how you Finesse, but as long as i aint snitching, killing, or hurting anyone YOUR GONNA RESPECT THE FINESSE.

5. What inspired the visuals for this and where did it take place?
Inspiration came from Jay-z dead presidents and money aint a thing videos, we shot it in the bronx in a few locations we found.