Unsigned Lyricist Dirty Ike “The Conscious Kiing”. Hailing from the Bronx, NY has recently released his 9 track project entitled “Bare With Me”. The EP features Ike’s knack for Lyricism and his unique flow, taking listeners on a trip through his Past, Present and how he sees the Future. Lucky for me I was able to interview the rising star. Giving me a chance to really gain an idea of his drive behind this project

Check it out below:

Jocelyn: What was your motivation behind the project?

Ike: A lot has been going on personally and career wise which has somewhat slowed my momentum I had built last year. People have been asking for new music, so until I’m finished completing my first full-length project I dropped “Bare With Me”. I’m basically asking my supporters/fans to be patient as I give people an appetizer.

Jocelyn: How long did it take you to complete the project?

Ike: Well the project is 9 songs but I recorded about 25 songs over a 2-3 month span. Picking which songs fit and the placement of them took longer than the writing/recording process.

Jocelyn: What is the top single and what does it mean to you?

Ike: “Way Too Long Freestyle”. It’s probably my most passionate song. I speak about a lot of pain & experiences that leads up to the frustration with the fact that I haven’t made it to where I need to be life. I feel like anybody who’s striving for better in any walk of life can relate to this.

Jocelyn: Who were your top Producers on the project?

Ike: Ximon.S  is my in house producer we have a bunch of dope songs together already so I knew I could rely on him to give me a jiggy tune (From The Pain). Dran Fresh (Assets) is also a frequent collaborator for me so far in my career so I had to get him involved  BeatsByEmani (My Liiife) NoLuck (Incognito) , Canis Major (Clarity) and YungAnf (NY Minute) are all dope producers I found on YouTube.



Jocelyn: Where you see yourself and your brand in 5 years?

Ike: In 5 years I see myself as one of the marquee entertainers in all of Hip Hop. Being at the forefront of a new generation of artist to go mainstream while not compromising my integrity. My brand Conscious Kiiingz will be big time and I hope it will make a bigger impact than my music .But of course, my music will be the platform to get people familiar with us . But it’s a lifestyle, provide outlets/support for our brothers/sisters in urban communities. Also to inspire individuals to strive for the absolute best, while keeping that 3rd Eye open

Jocelyn: What’s next?

Ike: Next month I’ll be releasing visuals for NY Minute and another track from Bare With Me. But I’m already working on a full length  mixtape put out before 2017 is over.

Jocelyn: Any other shout outs?

Ike: Shout out to my Conscious Kiiingz team from my block,  Dirty30, NaaaLedge The God, Ron Highly . My best friends from HS Bo, Squeak, Jay Blue , Ari, Brys all of em. Ivy, Alyssa , MostDopeJoshua and my Kween for inspiring me . Last but not least RapFest and of course you Jocelyn .

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