For those of you who thought that blackballing from the radio was a thing of the past, let this article be the first to inform you that it is very much alive and well. We all know streaming. It is the newest and most prevalent medium of choice when it comes to consuming music. You can control what you hear and when you hear it.With that being said, you may not have noticed that when you turn on your radio in the morning, someone is missing. What am I getting at? Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, an NYC based morning radio show syndicated in 90 plus markets is boycotting Queens rapper, Nicki Minaj.

It is Nicki Minaj, who has spent 308 weeks in the Top 40 collectively, that mentioned her absence on the airwaves. After flexing her lyrical muscles in one of her latest freestyles “Barbie Goin’ Bad”‘Going Bad,’ originally recorded by her ex Meek Mill and label mate Drake, the emcee adlibs:

“they say ‘You know, it’s time to drop your single’ I said ‘Noooo/ You know radio already tried to blackball a b*tch,”’

Taking a break from his typical stance against a Nicki Minaj verse playing on his airwaves, the legendary Queens DJ and one-third of The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy, answered the subliminal comment by saying: “I thought I was the only that wasn’t playing her record.”

The Backstory.

Although it breaks my heart to see two musical titans from Queens not seeing eye to eye, let me break down the reasoning behind all of this. Blunt and direct, Envy is referencing to the stance he took a few months ago when Nicki Minaj went on a promo run for her fourth studio album, Queen. Unfortunately, after a run-in with another Power 105.1 DJ, Self, Minaj got on Envy’s bad side after she threatened DJ Self for allegedly voicing his opinion on how her album paired against fellow female rapper Cardi B after she left her DJ Clue interview.

The two got into a heated exchange on social media. Then, after getting wind of the situation, DJ Envy assessed the feelings of his radio mate DJ Self.

Nicki Minaj Tweets to DJ SelfEnvy stood with Self by boycotting the head Barb in Charge. Stating:

“Nicki can have an opinion on Self, Self can have his opinion on Nicki,” he said at the time. “But when you start saying, ‘I got hungry N-words that’s going to come up there,’ Nah…You don’t threaten no DJ over his opinion. Now, if Self said something foul and disrespectful—sure. But not over his opinion…every DJ on the station better stop playing [her].”

A Light At the End of the Barbie Tunnel.

However, it looks like that ban has been lifted. As of February 6th DJ Envy incorporated two of Minaj’s most recent freestyles into his People’s Choice mix. Complimenting the rapper on her unsanctioned Thotiana remix entitled ‘Bust Down Barbiana‘ the breakfast club admitted that the Queens rapper delivered on this drop. This is one of the three most recent freestyles Minaj has released exclusively on her audiomack channel including the aforementioned ‘Barbie Goin’ Bad’ and ‘Barbie Drip.’ The ‘Thotiana’ remix was bound to get some traction considering how hot the original is. Nicki Minaj wins when she gets braggadocios and shouts out her label mate Ariana, rhyming:

Uh, ayo, I been a bad bitch, cockiana (Cockiana)/And I’m still winnin’,/Pacquiana (Pacquiana)/Percocets, popiana, killin’ everybody beat/
Thank you, next, Ariana (Ariana)

It’s important to note that all of you aspiring artists should act accordingly! Be nice to your DJs because they definitely still got the juice when it comes to getting your music heard on terrestrial radio, and that is still important to your reach as an artist.

Now that we can hear more than one Nicki Minaj verse in the morning, maybe we can get her fifth studio album! And If nothing else it is good to see that these two powerhouses from Queens may be on track to piecing it up for hip hop!

Written by: Chay Rodriguez