When you think of the average 10-year-old and their day to day, I’m pretty sure that going on world tours or DJing for some of Hip Hop’s greatest game changers isn’t what usually comes to mind.

But for the 10-year-old music pioneer DJ Kool Flash, all of this is a reality. Inspired by DJ Kool Herc and DJ Grandmaster Flash, Kool Flash has been spinning since the age of seven and has had the opportunity to open up for the likes of Method Man, Redman, Lauryn Hill, and MC Lyte just to name a few.

And if that isn’t enough, she’s performed at some of Hip Hop’s  biggest events  from Broccoli City to Mass Appeal’s Rooftop Legends; and was even placed as a finalist in the DMC regionals, she’s also been awarded All-Star Mixtape’s 2017’s “Female DJ of the Year.”

Unlike most 10-year olds who are unsure of what they would like to do in their future, DJ Kool Flash leaves no room for uncertainty chasing after her dream literally every single day.

In a brief interview, Kool Flash states, “ I’ve always wanted to be in the music industry, so I figured out what I was good at, and that was being a DJ; so I made that happen.”

While she also has interests in pursuing a spot in front of the mic, she admits that her dream is to DJ as she plans on doing such as long as she can “everything else is an add-on”.

It’s safe to say that her pursuit to longevity has already begun – having released 3 mixtapes to date, with her most recent being, Black August.

Although being pretty young, DJ Kool Flash does not let her age hinder her ability to spread social awareness.

“I’ve been watching the news and I see what’s going on around the world, and I thought why? I feel like my mixtape can bring awareness to what’s going on every day… Every child should know what’s going on in the world, even if that’s through music.”

A budding, game changer she is.  Keep your eyes open for DJ Kool Flash, as she is not just a kid, but a sure-tell sign that you can make your dreams come true at any age.  With passion & devotion to honing one’s craft, you can do anything!

And for more info & details on DJ Kool Flash, check her out here.

Written By Jocelyn A Rivera

Interview By Briitheblogger & 24jaded