RATheMC has been a staple in the DMV music scene for many years. Her musically talents has led her to work with key arbiters of culture like Kenny Burns and being named the flagship artist at House Studios, which is considered one of Washington DC’s most prestigious recording studios. Like most successful stories, there has been plenty of pitfalls throughout the journey but RATheMC managed to weather the storms with style and grace.

After surviving two close deaths in her family throughout the years, battling inner demons, nearly losing her hearing, to parting ways with House Studios, RATheMC is resurfacing with a new project entitled “Heart of a Champion 2“. She described her current ambition for creating as “What once was a dream of fame and adoration is now an appreciation of talent to express myself in ways that uplifts others.” We took the time to ask the lyricist a few questions about her inspirations and other world views. Check out the interview below and listen to the first single called “AmeriKKKa”. The A.B. Johnson produced track has hard hitting drums with a melodic sample looping as RA flows effortlessly. She addresses the good and the bad that we’re facing in the Trump-Era. Overall, RaTheMC said it best on wax, from her mouth to God’s ears, she’s blessed to be here.

1. How has the DMV area influence your musical style?
DC never really influenced my lyrical style, but the area definitely influenced my performance style. I grew up on Go Go music and live instrumentation. From day one I’ve always been adamant about performing with a live band and also incorporating live instrumentation into my recording process.

2. What’s your thoughts on Donald Trump still being President?
I’m blown away. I literally can not believe he survived his presidency this long. In a way I’m somewhat ok with him still being in office because if nothing else, he has forced America to show it’s true colors. I’d rather know my enemy is my enemy and Trump has liberated white america ignorance. And because of that, Black America’s voice rings louder than ever before.

3. What can we expect from your future project?
You can expect good music. You can expect to be inspired.

4. Rank your top three go-to artists for inspiration in the game right now.
Right now I’d say Kendrick Lamar, H.E.R, and Drake.

Stream the single on Apple Music or Tidal and on Soundcloud below: