Cleveland native Doe Boy is focused and hungry as hell to exhibit his talent.

Doe had a setback when he was arrested on an aggravated robbery charge back in 2013, which sentenced him to eighteen months behind bars. Before this charge, Doe was catching attention from his mixtape In Freebandz We Trust, an impressive body of work with features from highly known rappers like Soulja Boy and Rocko; all the way to the production side of things with talents like Zaytoven and Lex Luger behind the music. 

While serving just under two years for the crime, Doe’s label head Future was in the midst of picking up great steam in the industry; making a global effect on the hip hop culture, building himself a solid position in the mainstream music media with his successful mixtapes and singles. Throughout Doe’s time behind bars, Future kept in contact with him through phone calls and such, keeping his spirits up during a low time; helping to make sure Doe would be presented with an opportunity to reach a wider audience like never before. With Doe’s hunger and focused mindset to get out and show everyone that his unique aggressive flow wasn’t lost, he gives his fans the music they all have been waiting on with his newest visual from his newest project dropping Freebandz We Trust 2.

The visual kicks off everything with Doe posted out in the trenches with his boys, who are heavily armed; seeming to send a message very quickly that Doe is well respected and not to be messed around with. The quick edits throughout the visual make sure to highlight the setting and neighborhood that Doe wants his audience to see, and making sure to showcase his violent flow with many mentions sent to his rivals throughout the bars, “Pissing on these n*ggas grave / screaming f*ck the dead ops.”

Within the lyrics, showing love to the GS9 crew, there are mentions of Bobby Shmurda, mainly referring to his plea deal that gave his close friend Rowdy Rebel less prison time than him. The visual did an amazing job in showing Doe’s fans a look into the respect and lifestyle that Doe represents while shining light on his musical talent. 

Make sure to stay tuned for Doe Boy’s future projects and check out: “Shmurda Gang” below: